Documents Exempted from Court Fees

Documents Exempted from Court Fees

What documents are exempted from Court Fee?

Describe the documents which are exempted from court Fee?

Documents Exempted from Court Fees: Court fees Act, 1870 is a fiscal enactment with primary purpose of collecting revenue for state but section 19 of Court Fees Act, 1870 provides list of documents which have been expressly exempted from payment of court fees.

Provisions: Section 19 of Court Fees Act, 1870.

Meaning: A piece of scribed, in print, written, electronic matter that offer facts or evidence and conveys information.

Documents Exempted from Court Fees: The following documents are expressly exempted.

Power of Attorney: Power of attorney to institute or defend a suit is exempted from court fee when executed by any of the persons i.e. any officer, warrant officer, Non-Commissioned Officer, Private Officer of the Pakistan Army not in civil employment. And a wakalatnama or a mukhtarnama is also a kind of power of attorney and as such also exempted from court fee when executed by the above mentioned persons.

Written Statement: A written statement filed by a party before the court is exempted from any court fee.

Probate or Letters of Administration: Probate is the certified copy of will and there is no Court fee payable in respect of grant of probate of a will or letters of administration. But amendment has been made to it in 1984, its court fee is fixed to Rs.15.

Application or Petition in respect of matters connected with land: Application or petition, relating to the matters connected with the assessment of land, if presented before the final confirmation of such settlement to the persons i.e. to a collector, to other officer making a settlement of land revenue, to a Board of Revenue, or to a commissioner of revenue.

Application to Government for supply of water for irrigation: application to government for supply of water for irrigation purposes are exempted from court fee.

Application for service of notice: Application made for relinquishment of service of land and as well as rent is also exempted from court fee under Court Fees Act, 1870.

Application for summons or exhibition: Applications made for summons of witnesses or other persons who is about to give evidence or produce documents and application, production or filling of exhibit for immediate purpose of being produced in Court is also exempted from Court fee.

Bail Bonds in Criminal Cases: Bail bonds presented in favor of accused in criminal cases are also exempted from court fees.

Petition by Prisoner or any other person in Duress or Restraint: When a prisoner files some petition or submit it through counsel by submitting application, is also exempted from court fee.

Complaints: A complaint of public servant, municipal officer or officer or servant of a railway company or any civil servant does not require Court fee and is exempted from court fee.

Petition of Appeal: petition of appeal against the municipal tax is exempted from court.

Petition under Christian Marriage Act: Petition moved under Christian Marriage Act is also exempted from the court fee under Court Fees Act, 1870.

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