‘Prices of edibles to be reduced’ – The News International

‘Prices of edibles to be reduced’ – The News International

LAHORE:Poultry, ghee and flour producers Wednesday gave a commitment to the Punjab government for lowering prices of edibles by minimising their profits to provide relief to the consumers from inflation.

Ghee producers promised to reduce the price by Rs5 per kg/litre of their products while the flour millers are committed to lowering the rates of flour on the request of the Punjab government. Pakistan Poultry Association announced its cooperation with the government for reducing prices of chicken.

These commitments were made in separate consultative meetings between the Punjab government officials, elected representatives of Punjab and representatives of these sectors held here on the instructions of Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz. Earlier, the sugar producers had also announced similar support to the Punjab government in the meeting held Tuesday.

Pakistan Vanaspati Manufacturers Association (PVMA) Chairman Tariq Sufi in the meeting assured of reducing ghee and cooking oil price by Rs5 per kg/litre. However, he conveyed the high-ups that increase in the ghee prices is also likely as dollar has further increased and touched Rs191.50 on Wednesday while the arrival of edible oil of high import price also started. Additionally, increase in petroleum products prices will also increase final consumer price of ghee. If the government is able to control these factors, the prices of ghee/cooking oil could be stabilised, he said.

Meanwhile, Bilal Yasin chaired a meeting with Pakistan Poultry Association at chief minister office while Chairman Pakistan Poultry Association Dr Sajjad Arshad led the delegation. Addressing the meeting, Bilal Yasin said the consultative process is under way to reduce the prices of essential commodities on the direction of the chief minister.

All available resources will be spent to provide relief to the common man. The role of middleman will be limited to reduce the gap between the wholesale and retail prices, he added. The meeting discussed the issues of the poultry sector. Chairman Poultry Association informed the meeting that the prices of chicken meat have been declining for the last two or three days and it will come down further. The price of chicken meat was Rs 458/kg on Sunday which reduced to Rs 393/kg on Wednesday. Just in three days chicken price is reduced by Rs 65/kg. However, the government needs to implement reduced rates.

Dr Sajjad Arshad said that the poultry association would co-operate with the government for reduction of chicken meat to provide relief to people. “We are committed to providing chicken meat to people at reasonable prices”, he added.

MPAs Ramzan Siddique Bhatti, Sardar Owais Leghari, Chaudhry Muhammad Iqbal, Secretary Industry and Commerce Dr Ahmed Javed Qazi, Additional Secretary Livestock and officers concerned attended the meeting. Vice-chairman Pakistan Poultry Association Dr Abdul Karim, former Chairman Abdul Basit, Secretary Major (retd) Javed Bukhari, SM Sabir and others were also present in the meeting. Meanwhile, Pakistan Flourmills Association leader Asim Raza headed a delegation for the consultative meeting with the government which was attended by the secretaries concerned and elected representatives including Saood Majeed and others.

Asim on behalf of the association also assured the government to provide relief to the consumers as per the instructions of the chief minister. He said flour millers always supported the government and will do the same in future.

It is likely that Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz will announce reducing rates and relief package to people in a couple of days as the consultative process is almost completed. The representatives of the associations concerned will hold a meeting with the CM while the committees formed for the consultative process will also submit their reports and recommendations to the CM. The prices will be reduced in the light of the outcome of the consultative process, an official who conducted these meetings disclosed.

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